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My application.

About you:

What are you?
-"i'm just one small motherfucker singin proud" [Jason Mraz - 10,000 Motherfuckers]
-"shes a charm of good luck when she's sitting by your side" - [Jason Mraz - Right Kind of Phrase]
-"you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one" [John Lennon - Imagine]

Where are you?:
-"im halfway home/ and im on my own/ im halfway there and I don't care/ no I don't mind/ I plan to leave here after supper time/ that's when traffic is light/ all i need is a sign/ and Ill be alright" - [Jason Mraz - Halfway Home]
-"i'm rockin the suburbs" - [Ben Folds Five - Rockin The Suburbs]

What makes you smile?:
"[we] like to roll the windows down, turn the radio up and push the pedal to the to gaze at starry skies close our eyes pretend to fly" - [Hanson - Penny and Me]

What are your regrets?:
-"if only I had the guts to feel this way, and if only you'd look at me and want to stay, if only I'd take you in my arms and say 'Well I won't go cause I need you, please don't go cause I need you now'" - [Hanson - If Only]
-"Love, it taught me to lie. Life, it taught me to die, so it's not hard to fall when you float like a cannonball" - [Damien Rice - Cannonball]
-"If you want to destroy my sweater, pull this thread as I walk away, watch me unravel I'll soon be naked, lyin on the floor I've come undone." - [Weezer - The Sweater Song]
-"Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner, sometimes I feel like I'm my only friend." - [Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge]
-"I'll never dance again, the way I danced with you." - [Ben Folds ft Rufus Wainwright - Careless Whisper]

Words of wisdom?:
-"Forget modern nature, this is how it's meant to be." - [Sondre Lerche - Modern Nature]
-"Plant a seed, plant a flower, plant a rose, you can plant any one of those keep on plantin to find out which one grows, it's a secret no one knows." - [Hanson - MMMBop]
-"You only get one life to learn, there's only so many brain cells that you can burn" - [Jason Mraz - Common Pleasure]

Final thought:
-"You can dance every dance with the guy who gives you the eye, let him hold you tight. You can smile every smile for the man who held your hand beneath the pale moonlight. But don't forget who's taking you home and in who's arms you're gonna be. So darlin, save the last dance for me." - [Ben E. King & The Drifters - Save The Last Dance For Me]

Omg, am I cool enough to be here? :P
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