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blue vein

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This is a community of nothing.
It is not advertised.
Its name has no special meaning.
No one is rated.
Rules are minimal because I hate enforcing them.
Consider it an experiment in dreaming.

You can join.
If you are bad, you will not be banned, spanked, or ostracized because that's cowardly.
You will be expected to control yourself.
You can talk about anything. Some things I'd prefer you didn't though.
You can be stupid. Again, I'd prefer it if you didn't, but it's your choice.
You can be young or old. I am young and impetuous, if that affects your decision to join.
You can be clever, witty, charming, thoughtful, and/or interesting. These things are encouraged.
Accepting the consequences of your actions is also highly encouraged.
So is dreaming.

There is no application form. So make up your own.

If there's something you want listed under interests, post it.
If you hate something that's already listed, you can complain, if you'd like.