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Research Purposes

I thought I might make a quick post (and edit it later when I find more information) with research on some topics for future debates.

Gay Marriages
Marriage Equality
-Under GET THE FACTS there is good information on the rights denied to Gay and Lesbian couples, as well as practical and financial information related to the subject, as well as 1049 rights related to civil marriages.
Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation
-Information about Gays and Lesbians in the world, media etc.
Lambda Legal Education and Defense Fund
-Good information under LIBRARY about civil union court cases
Gay Civil Unions
-THE DEBATE CONTINUES, WHY MAKE IT LEGAL, and ADOPTION all are good sources of information.

Alliance for Marriage
-Alot of information about Bush's "Healthy Marriage Initiative" ideas.
American Family Association
-Christians against the glorification in the media of sins.
Family Topics: Sanction Homosexuality?
-A quick Q&A about the validity of Homosexuality. Are homosexuals interested in the public good — or just their agenda?
-Article about gay activists
Family Topics: Gay 'Marriage' Only the Begining
-Article about what comes after a gay marriages are instituted.

More later.
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