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One less Gnome for Man Kind

So, that kid hasnt responded yet, but he hasnt deleted it either, i showed Jack's thing to Conor and she was compelled to post to. I think that kid is just an insult to human reasoning. Anyway, i am going up North and will be back on Thursday, I thought it was all week but it's not. Yay! and i will be back in time for the young republicans pool party. I am extremely excited. I know Carmen is travelling hither and thither, but Martha we need to round up a small group of liberals to crash this place. i am thinking i am going to try and make friends first and then go in for the kill. i think we need a good plan of attack. martha ... round up the troops and i will see about getting a ride heheehe maybe my mom or dad will and we can take the van, so thats like 5 people. well me and you ... so three others, i think Katlin was rather enthuiastic. I guess Conor as well. and malone if he isnt busy cause he is good at smoking people out of the box. those are my nominations but 2 outta the 3 will probably be busy.
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